Jamie Buzil

Jamie Buzil is a photographic artist with a background in business and accounting.  Today, her creative endeavors go beyond photography, including photoshop, painting and alternative printing.  She completed her Certificate of Merit in the Fine Art Photography Track program from the Chicago Botanic Garden, and is a member of CPAS (Chicago Photographic Arts Society) and ABSTRACT 15. 

Her passion for photography stems from her childhood.  Her father was extremely creative and an avid amateur photographer who kept a dark room in their home.  His perspective helped her develop a keen eye for photographic pursuits. 

Jamie’s work is inspired by Georgia O’Keefe and Immogen Cunningham.  Their influence can be seen in her pictures of flowers and fauna.  Jamie is a wife, a mother, a woman, a nurturer and a creator.  She is also inspired by light, by shadows, and by the contrast the appears and that is ever changing.  The light can be from the sun, the moon or an artificial source.  It grabs her, and gives her the passion to capture that light, that moment in time.